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About Sissy Weekend

Sissy Weekend is a fully immersive and private experience where you spend several days serving and catering to the needs of a group of Mistresses while in your true sissy form. You will be serving us in a huge Mansion on many acres on the sparkling water near Destin, Florida. The SIREN HOUSE, where some private femdom events take place. 


Your silly "man costume" will be removed and you will be dressed, made-up and made to perform the way the Mistresses at the Sissy Weekend event see fit for you! You will eat, breathe and even sleep in femme-mode. You will be following strict and necessary rules to keep you and your fellow sissies attending in femme-mode at all times and that includes rules such as always speaking in a feminine tone of voice, and not having any access to your man costume which we keep locked away! You naughty sissies might even be locked in chastity all weekend too. 

We ALSO love sissies who DO NOT necessarily identify as "men who are forced into sissyhood." We ALSO accept those who already are (or unsure at this time) trans, as well as submissive cross-dressers. We fully understand that many elements of being a sissy are similar but also not similar, and while some see being a sissy as a form of humiliation, another sees it as something to be proud of, a term that makes them feel filled with warm feelings and not shame. Many actually learned they WERE trans AT our last Sissy Weekend and are now off on their journey. That was where their feelings suddenly all made the most sense and they realized they were different. We strive to get to know you, and not every sissy attending will be treated in the exact same manner at all times, if there are certain words or acts which might not make sense or fit each sissy. 

Sissies will be always in their sissy form and using their sissy name. We will name you if you do not yet have a name. Sissies will ALL be expected to serve us and be subservient. This means they will pour our coffee, fold laundry, etc. 

We also have a fully equipped BDSM dungeon room set-up, so this means that we plan on things getting pretty wild from time to time. We enjoy you unleashing your inner slut, however we always stay within your interests and limits, just like in a professional dominatrix session. 

We will have playful games, sissy maid afternoons, a huge slutty, kinky party, and more. While we ABSOLUTELY want to explore your fantasies, help make your dreams come true, the event is about your submission to us and you being in service to the dominant Mistresses of the house. You will obey us! 

What is Included?

At the sissy weekend, all of your needs are taken care of.

After all, you will be so busy making Mistresses happy, you will not have the time to think of everything!

All meals, coffee/tea/beverages, snacks and sleeping arrangements will be completely covered by the event. Everything is included except your transportation. We also have make-up and wardrobe, so for you sissies who cannot bring your preferred wardrobe with you, we will have a selection. We do recommend you bringing at least 1 basic outfit to ensure fit/size, but we do understand many don't have the privacy to have wardrobe around back home. 

You can also (entirely optional, you can have your face covered also) be in some event photos which we will post on our website, social media, etc. 

You also have the option to have an entire wardrobe in your size picked out by you OR us and waiting for you at the estate for an additional fee, or fly in early and have a Mistress go shopping locally with you. 

Most of you will not share a room, but if you do, you will have your own beds. There are tons of bathrooms. 

Will I fit in?

Being a sissy means a lot of different things to different people. We accept all types of sissies, dolls, sluts and bimbos. You might be a frilly, ruffled sissy who enjoys being dressed in the most exaggerated feminine attire. The more a Mistress makes you wear pink frills, bows and ruffles, the happier you are! You might be a humiliated diapered sissy, who will almost never have a moment without a Mistress making sure that you are blushing and embarrassed.  You might be a demure, sultry, sissy who likes looking as passible for female as possible for your Mistress. You may be a trans sissy and are merely being your submissive self, as you already live feminine (or don't/can't just yet). You might be a rubber maid sissy or a rubber doll sissy who enjoys mixing your fetish for latex with your inner sissy desires.

Similarly, we have our PVC-loving sissies. You might enjoy being the sissy bimbo, who feels most happy when Mistress makes her into the most slutty looking bimbo possible. Some sissies enjoy being humiliated, some enjoy degradation, some love spankings, bondage, there are so many types of sissies and all are perfectly welcome here, under our roof. In order to assist us, let us know how you identify or see yourself in the application! As long as you are submissive, truly enjoy serving dominant women and feel utter happiness doing so from the smallest act such as bringing her coffee, you will fit in just fine here. 

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