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It all began one hot summer day in South Florida.

Mistress Michelle Lacy had just acquired use of the several acre estate where and is filmed, to hold her femdom Order Of Indomitus weekend events (


While standing at the estate and taking in all of the marvelous sights, she wondered if there were other themed events that could take place there. "An all-Amazon woman event would be great. So would a military style event. How about an all-sissy event, co-hosted by my best friend and sissy-trainer Lydia Supremacy?" 

Sissies were already interested in attending the Order of Indomitus (and many do always sign up, being that all types of service-oriented slaves were welcome there). What if we had a weekend where there were ONLY sissies?

"I have always dreamed of doing a sissy weekend event! This is all I have ever wanted to do!" said Ms. Lydia. "I cannot even begin to tell you my ideas!"

Mistress Michelle brainstormed with Lydia Supremacy in creating a fun weekend event for sissies. For years, unfortunately they both did not have the time to fully realize this dream, but that dream has never died. 


Finally, after Mistress Michelle Lacy received full ownership of the Club Dom estate in 2019, she decided to launch Sissy Weekend, in the soon-to-be-refurnished and revamped house.

"There needs to be a regular lengthy event for sissies in the USA that takes place a few times per year. There are plenty overseas, but many cannot travel to make it there. Sissies need to be controlled and educated to be their best selves by Mistresses who are true "sissy enthusiasts." Not just any random group of women can attend. Sissies need a place where they can be themselves and experience things they have always dreamed of."


-Mistress Michelle Lacy

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