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Mistress Michelle Lacy
FL / NY and traveling

Creator and owner of The Order of Indomitus, and of Sissy Weekend, Eden and many more successful events. 

Bondage. Training. Discipline. All with a soft sultry voice, an addictive giggle and a wicked smile. She also loves bound rubber dolls and sissies who need a good spanking! She loves service-oriented sissies and training them. Wicked imagination, creative, fun, comical. Mistress Michelle master-minded this event, and is looking to have another which is loved as much as the last hugely successful one.


Miss Isobel Devi
Denver, CO

Miss Isobel is a Denver-based Mistress who takes delight in tormenting and training supplicants in her spacious dungeon location. 

Her creativity, skills, and wit, will shock and awe any Sissy!

Isobel loves intelligently evil predicament bondage, humiliation scenes and training sissies in service. She is Michelle's right hand for all events that take place. She is also a professional dancer and likes to teach sissies how to move their bodies in more feminine and seductive ways. She will correct posture and form!


Princess Natasha Strange
Portland, OR

Princess Natasha is a legend with almost 3 decades in pro BDSM! She and runs a dungeon in Portland "Sub Rosa" alongside her great friend Mistress Viola, which also offers education to the community. Another creative femdom, Natasha has a long history of devoted regulars, and commonly is an in-demand Mistress for sissies. She also does a lot of coaching, and sees couples. She will teach you something new, and leave you better than when you came.   Natasha also enjoys being a mean Mommy! 


Mistress Mercer
Ashville, NC

Mistress Mercer is a sissy specialist and owns "Mistress Mercer's Dollhouse." She is also a highly skilled BDSM player for the sissies who might love being lost in the hands of a skilled sadist, among her many other skills. 

She is also a very creative and intelligent person, who is the creative genius behind a lot of brilliant kinky designs, running a company with her wife Nautia (attending as well).

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