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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a lot of information about our event. Reading this entire FAQ page is mandatory before applying. We are always as transparent as possible about what you are getting yourself into, and a large way of making that possible is your reading of this page! 

Q: What are the dates of the event?

A: The dates are found at the top of the website. 

Q: What time does it start and end?

A: It begins at 3pm Friday and it ends at 1pm Sunday. 

Q: Can I stay longer than the advertised dates or arrive early?

A: In most cases this is possible as Head Mistress Michelle Lacy does need assistance setting up/breaking down the event and often enjoys a sissy helping out. There is an additional fee per night which is $300/night $500/2 nights and does not include food and beverages so you would have to bring your own. This is not a play session, and while you can be in sissy clothes while helping, Mistress Michelle will truly be busy, and truly be relying on your assistance with tasks, or perhaps you are using this time to wind-down after the event slowly. Most Mistresses are usually staying until Monday and a few until Tuesday, and do need assistance and servitude! In fact, they might enjoy taking fun pics or filming hot videos with sissies who would like to stay and volunteer after.

Q: How much is the event?

A: One evening (Friday or Saturday, starting at 3pm and ending at 1pm the following day) is $1,400. The full weekend is $2,400.

Q: When it the 50% deposit due?

A: It's due within 3 days of being accepted, so you must make sure that you are serious and ready to deposit when applying. 

Q: When is the 50% balance due?

A: At the 30 day mark prior to the event date.


Q: What happens if I do not pay my deposit in 3 days?


A: Your application is put to the bottom of the pile, and if you change your mind later, you might be on a waiting list. If you never contact us about changing your mind, all applications are deleted after the event is over. 

Q: What happens if I do not pay the application fee?

A: Your application is never read at all and just deleted from the system in 24 hours. 

Q: What happens if I apply and want to attend under the 30 day mark or if I pay my balance AFTER the 30 day mark?

A: We have a $300 late fee. It's to push people to pay on-time so we can plan the number of Mistresses attending, games and everything else as best as we can. 

Q: What happens if I just pay the whole balance immediately?

A: You will receive a free gift, and be a huge help in giving us an idea of who is definitely attending. The more people pay early, the more we can plan, the more Mistresses we can have attending. We cannot make Mistresses (and the RIGHT Mistresses at that!) just appear out of thin air when 3 people feel like coming the day prior. This is why we have a system in place to get people to pay on time. 


Q: What additional costs are there?

A: There are only completely OPTIONAL additional costs:

-Private professional photoshoot at the estate as your sissy self, before or after the event is over (must inquire for rate).

-Professional make-up done by well-known and dominant female make-up artist for your photoshoot. 

-Option to purchase and ship any items you wish to the estate to have waiting for you such as a specific outfit, shoes, etc (must already have deposited for event in order to receive the OK to do this). 

-Arriving early, staying additional nights (only with approval from Mistress Michelle Lacy). 

Q: Can I partake in an event like this as the only sissy without any other sissies present? I'm really private and shy. 

A: We can arrange a private overnight or weekend event just for you, but keep in mind that it would be a lot more costly and the cost would rise and rise with every Mistress you added to the attendance. The only way the cost would be similar is if you did a private appointment at the estate with just Mistress Michelle Lacy or one of the Mistresses of your choosing. If you want to save for the private weekend of your dreams, we would be happy to assist. 

Q: What is the difference between this event and the Order of Indomitus?

A: At the Order of Indomitus, men are our service-oriented slaves for the weekend, kept in cages, hosed off with a garden hose and put through some fun games like pony cart races and scavenger hunts for our amusement. They earn a slave number and a slave tag at the end of the weekend for going through such a tough set of trials while also learning a lot about servitude. While we do have a sissy or 2 at each event for those sissies who enjoy the thrill of an event like that, we also have many other types of male slaves also, similarly to the different types of sissies at the Sissy Weekend. You will see the bondage lover. The masochist. The slut. The degraded human ashtray. Many sissies also share the same kinky interests as other service oriented slaves who attend Idomitus. Sissies are sometimes no different, just prettier! We can get just as wild at the sissy event in terms of bondage and discipline and oodles of slut-training if a sissy has those interests, however many of our games and activities are based around sissy themes. The events are two versions of a similar world. 

Q: Will we be kept in chastity all weekend?

A: Very likely! 

Q: How will we be sleeping?

A: Comfortable beds are provided, unless a Mistress desires her sissy to sleep in another arrangement that is a bit kinkier! 

Q: How many sissies and Mistresses will be attending?

A: We unfortunately never really know the answer to this. We can tell you that we will always aim for having a close number of sissies and Mistresses equally. This is why paying in advance is so important. 

Q: What is the closest airport?

A: PBI is the closest, a 35-40 min drive. FLL is 1.5-2hrs drive. Miami is 2-2.5 hrs drive. 

Q: Should I rent a car?

A: It might be the best way, because renting a car in Florida is fairly inexpensive! Now you can go to a store to get something you may have forgotten prior to the event. I recommend it. Or you can take an uber etc. 

Q: What if I paid my deposit or my deposit and balance and I cannot attend?

A: Unfortunately, there are no refunds due to the limited space and tight planning of attending women. If an emergency can be proven (hospital records, flight info and many cancelled flights due to bad weather, copy of death certificate of a loved one) we may feel that we can place you in a future event. We try to be fair in a dire circumstance. You can trade a future private professional session with Mistress Michelle Lacy for the value of what you paid in terms of an emergency such as what we just listed. Otherwise for all other reasons, there are no refunds. You have 6 months to attend the next sissy event or see Mistress Michelle for a session. 

Q: What if I have my own things that I want to bring?

A: You can bring anything you wish! From outfits to toys!

Ship it in advance even! 

Q: What if I do not have any sissy attire OR I cannot bring it with me?

A: We will have some attire at the event and toys for all but not much for rubber dolls. Latex is fragile and expensive and we have minimal in only a few sizes. We DO have a plethora of rubber bondage gear!

Q: Can I leave all of my things with you for a future event/private session? 

A: Absolutely. We can hold your entire wardrobe in a box that we seal, which will have your sissy name on it for next time. 

Q: Can I donate all items I purchased to the sissy event? After the event I won't be able to take it with me and don't have use for the items. 

A: Of course and we very much appreciate your donations! 

Q: Are there kinky items at the event such as chastity devices?

A: We have a LOT of kinky toys at the event! There is no promise of a chastity device or plug to be your perfect size so if you would like to bring your own that is always helpful. 

Q: I'm new and terrified. I'm experienced and terrified. HELP! Will I make it?

A: I sympathize! I have done many lengthy events of all different kinds and many people feel terrified, even very experienced people! I will say that pretty much everyone stays the entire time at these events, even the terrified ones. The way it works is that everyone at these events is presented with specific easy guidelines and rules that all of the sissies have to follow. Since this is new to everyone attending, everyone is on the same boat and learning together! At the same time, the schedule of events keeps things flowing at a fun pace and keeps everyone busy. You don't even have time to be scared anymore. You are now having too much fun! Sure you'll be afraid, but just watch, listen, and go with the flow. The Mistresses will guide all of you through it. 

Q: Can my wife/girlfriend/Mistress attend?


A: Yes. As long as we have a chat with her first to make sure she understands the event and that she isn't to do any activities with other subs that may be harmful to them (for example attempting to spank a bad sissy without our guidance).  

Q: What rules do I need to know beforehand?

A: No touching anyone, anywhere on their person without their explicit consent. No means no! If they do allow it but change their mind, immediately honor and respect their wishes. No drinking and or drugs (except medically prescribed). No publicly stating the address or taking compromising photos of the location. No photographing anyone unless with consent from all parties in the photo and away from the event group. Anyone caught taking photos of group, touching anyone without their permission or otherwise behaving awfully will delete photos immediately and be banned from future events and blacklisted in the fetish community. 

Q: Do you provide food and beverages for sissies staying prior or after the event?

A: Only for the actual event, however you can always catch a ride to local shops and eateries with us prior and after the event. 

Q: Do Mistresses provide private sessions before or after the event?

A: You would have to arrange that with the particular Mistress you wished to see, directly with her. 

Q: Are my limits respected?

A: ALWAYS! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! You are dealing with the women who run one of the wildest kinky events in the USA Order Of Indomitus. If we keep all of those men safe and they are happily returning to many future events because of it, rest assured our sissy weekend will have the same safety, professionalism and care. From health concerns to issues with marks, to just plain kinky things that are off the table, we respect it all. 

Q. How will you know my interests, limits, and health issues?

A: You have to state all of that in your application to us. This is how we keep track of these things and create a wonderful experience for you. 

Q: What if I cannot be in any photos or videos at all?

A: You will have nothing to worry about as this is never mandatory. We always announce if we are going to take a quick pic or 2 and give the 1 or 2 people that cannot be in any pics their chance to walk away for a second, OR if they can take the pic for us! We have never even on accident, taken a photo of anyone at an event that was not supposed to have their pic taken. Its a very controlled and professional environment. 

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